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Spinal Tap CD-ROMThis is Spinal Tap, Criterion Edition (CD-ROMs)
Two disks with Dolby Surround sound, for Macintosh and Windows, by Voyager, ISBN 1559406305 (Mac); 1559406216 (Windows/Mac)
If heavy metal power is the curd, then Tap is the whey, and Voyager provides the churn. The main disc of the Criterion CD-ROM set includes the movie and a Spinal Taplet, which allows you to run DiBergi's film in a small window on your screen while you work on other things. It also includes running commentary from David, Nigel, Derek, DiBergi and his crew. The director provides a cautionary note early: He doesn't sound happy that his documentary is being dissected, fearing that its subtleties will fall limp under the hot lights. But what headbanger can resist a CD-ROM that cranks the volume to 11, which is one more than any other CD on the market? The disc also provides the option of viewing favorite scenes by choosing memorable dialogue or gigs. The bonus CD includes 10 scenes from the cutting room floor (versus the 32 on the laserdisc), a 16mm short DiBergi used to pitch his concept to Hollywood, assorted documents with notes scribbled in the margins, and an odd trailer about a dangerous but merry Scandinavian giant cheese festival. The Danes rolling the 100-pound loafs look suspiciously like members of Tap, leaving this reviewer with the feeling that it was DiBergi's idea of a joke.
Inside the CD kitThere's also a nifty find function, which Voyager describes this way: "The Find command in the Spinal Tap CD allows you to search for any of the dialogue from the movie. In addition, you can search for words and phrases that are not actually spoken—such as 'pap' which is written down, and 'we love you' which is mouthed—or for objects, such as shower cap."
For more info, read an interview with the editorial coordinator and producer of the Criterion release. The CD-ROM is out of print, but sometimes used copies surface at sites such as Amazon or eBay.

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