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Back From the DeadBack From the Dead
(The Label Industry, 2009, includes one-hour DVD and pop-up diorama package that unveils three 12-inch action figures cutouts with a proportionally sized Stonehenge)
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight; Back From The Dead; (Funky) Sex Farm; Rock 'n' Roll Creation; Jazz Oddyssey I; Gimme Some Money; Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare; Heavy Duty (featuring Keith Emerson); America; Jazz Oddyssey II; (Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee); Hell Hole; Big Bottom; Celtic Blues; Jazz Oddyssey III; Warmer Than Hell; Stonehenge; Short and Sweet (featuring John Mayer, Steve Vai, Phil Collen); Cups and Cakes; Bonus: (Listen to the) Flower People (2009). You can buy or download the album at Amazon or download it at iTunes. The bonus track appears only on the Amazon download. iTunes also has a track by track video commentary by the band. Here is a video that explains how to unfold the diorama.

Break Like the WindSpinal Tap: The Original Soundtrack Recording from the Motion Picture This Is Spinal Tap
(Polydor, 1984, #POL-817846; Uni/Polydor, remastered, 2000)
Hell Hole, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight, Heavy Duty, Rock 'N Roll Creation, America, Cups and Cakes, Big Bottom, Sex Farm, Stonehenge, Gimme Some Money, (Listen To The) Flower People. The remastered soundtrack comes with expanded liner notes (including lyrics) and the single and "scratch" mixes of Christmas With The Devil. You can buy or download the album at Amazon or iTunes.

Break Like the WindBreak Like the Wind
(Dead Faith/MCA, 1992, #MCAP10514; MCA, remastered, 2000)
Bitch School, The Majesty of Rock, Diva Fever, Just Begin Again, Cash On Delivery, The Sun Never Sweats, Rainy Day Sun, Break Like the Wind, Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors, Springtime, Clam Caravan, Christmas With the Devil, Now Leaving on Track 13, All The Way Home. You can buy or download the album at Amazon, or download it at iTunes.

Break Like the WindSmalls Change
(BMG, 2018)
Derek's first solo album after an abandoned effort in 1975. Songs: Openture, Rock and Roll Transplant, Butt Call, Smalls Change, Memo to Willie, It Don't Get Old, Complete Faith, Faith No More, Gimme Some (More) Money, MRI, Hell Toupee, Gummin' the Gash, She Puts the Bitch in Obituary, When Men Did Rock. You can buy or download the album at Amazon or download it at iTunes.


Years ago I put together a compilation of rarities on cassette tape. I have ripped the master and posted it as side one (42MB) and side two (43MB) along with a PDF of the cassette insert (disregard the phone numbers).

Picture Discs

Check eBay for the 12-inch, Stonehenge-shaped Bitch School LPs and 12-inch Break Like the Wind picture discs.

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