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For many years, a four-hour bootleg has been circulating of footage that didn't make the final cut of This is Spinal Tap. Most of the best scenes are included as supplemental material on the DVD version of the film. The bootleg as a whole is rather dull. But here are a few memorable scenes:

  • After Tommy the limo driver delivers pizzas to the band in their hotel room, Nigel gets him to smoke marijuana. Soon Tommy has stripped to his underwear, giving his best stoned rendition of All the Way. He passes out.
  • Before a recording session that ends in disaster, Nigel suggests the band has lost its edge. David laughs at the suggestion, and Nigel accuses him of "making a joke out of the situation." David shoots back, "I wasn't making a joke out of it. I was doing a sort of joke-like slant on the serious side of this."
  • A lone fan shows up for a record signing of Smell the Glove. The band signs his album but none of the signatures are visible because of its all-black cover.
  • As the boys struggle to record radio promos in a hotel lobby with record exec Bobbi Flekman, a naked groupie reappears. Nigel announces that she's looking for her contact lens, to which Bobbi responds, "Does she need the lens to find her clothes?" Later, Bobbi tells Nigel, "Please put your hormones in your hip pocket for awhile and let's get on with this."
  • At one point, standing on a hotel balcony, Nigel and David reveal their secret handshake, in which they make a horizontal V-sign with their fingers and interlock them. Later, on the bus, David, Nigel and Derek begin to make fart noises by sticking their hands under their armpits, and manager Ian Faith suggests filmmaker Marty DiBergi turn off the camera. DiBergi insists on continuing, however, saying he's discovered a telling example of the group's "prolonged adolescence."
  • After Nigel leaves the band, David's girlfriend Jeanine (Tap's new manager after Ian quits) introduces Ricky, "the hottest lead guitarist in San Francisco" as a replacement. At their next gig, he proves himself to have ten times the talent and sex appeal of any member of Tap and upstages David with a Billy Squire-like rendition of Hellhole. He's gone by the next show, and Tap has only to compete with a festival crowd after a puppet show, as we all know.
  • Jeanine, an amateur astrologist, tells Nigel that she's noticed his "Neanderthal look" on stage and thinks it works well with his "nocturnal glow." Nigel says he was "trying to make it subtle" and wasn't really "striving for caveman."
  • Derek shows director DeBergi a clip from a movie in which the bassist played a trained assassin in a natty white suit who is gunned down by the protagonist before the opening credits.
  • The camera catches Nigel watching Gumby on TV while scolding the bendable Gumby toy he keeps in his shirt pocket, "Do not bite me. You are my friend." Later, when Nigel storms out of the military base gig, DiBergi tracks him down and interviews him at the home of "a famous TV star who plays a doctor," where he is learning to play tennis.

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