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  • David has discovered unreleased recordings by late drummer Mick Shrimpton. Inspired by the success of the Beatles' Anthology albums, which included "new" songs based on tapes of John Lennon, Tap will add guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion to the rare Shrimpton recordings. The titles of the new songs include: Is This Thing On? and Testing 1-2-3.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking Derek to shave off his muttonchops.

  • Polymer plans to re-release the entire Tap catalog, including out-takes and B-sides, in a 24-disc compilation boxed set called Hernia.

  • About 10 years ago, a Taphead in North Dakota was found dead in his room, headphones on, with Blood to Let on his turntable. Initial reports alleged that Tap drove him to suicide, but an autopsy listed the cause of death as "boredom."

  • Tap was invited to play at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Cleveland, but due to a poor directions ended up in Cooperstown.

  • Bobbi Flekman slept with Nigel.

  • If you play the Tap Dancing album backwards, it sounds much better.

  • The parents of two Arkansas teenagers are suing the group, claiming that listening to Tap's Rock 'N Roll Creation album convinced them to become born-again Christians.

  • Rumors persist that David's businesses in Pomona are going bankrupt. St. Hubbins denies this. "It's not that they're both going bankrupt. It's just that one of them is going bankrupt and is dragging the other one down with it."

  • Derek Smalls recently noted that Tap is more famous than Julian Lennon.

  • Marty DiBergi has been selected to direct the new Star Trek film. It's tentatively titled The Grapes of Wrath of Khan, where the Enterprise is taken over by a group of Okie migrant workers.
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