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  • In This is Spinal Tap, David asks Ian if he has seen Duke Fame's album. Ian replies, "Yes." "So you've seen the cover?" Ian replies, " No." How do you see a record without seeing the cover? (Naaudiart)

  • Was Ian a good manager? Yes! He located those mandolin strings. He straightened out the room situation with Tucker "Smitty" Brown. He got "Smell the Glove" released. He calmed Nigel down in the midst of the catering catastrophe. And he's a much better manager than Jeanine. Under Jeanine's "leadership," the band played theme parks and air force bases. And Nigel quit! Most of the catastrophes of the 1982 tour were not Ian's fault. Not even the tiny Stonehenge, which led to Ian's split with the group. OK, some of the tour's problems were partially Ian's fault. He should have examined the napkin more carefully. He should have led Tap to the Xanadu Star Theater's stage. I blame the pod incident on the roadies, though. (Joe Blevins)

  • In an online survey, fans voted "These go to 11" as their favorite line. See the Tap FUQ for runners-up.

  • Which are the most Tap-like bands? The nominees: KISS, Def Leppard, Saxon, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Kingdom Come, Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Ten Years After (their frontman, Alvin Lee, looks like a larger version of David St. Hubbins, and they had an album called "Stonehenge").

  • The July 1995 issue of the British music magazine Encore includes four pages of Tap memories from musicians such as Sade, Michael Stipe, Alice Cooper and Paul McCartney.

  • Tap is featured in The Love Book holding a photographer’s cheesy Love sign.

  • Is that Nigel looking at amps in the background of the music store scene in The Blues Brothers?

  • The umlaut in Spinal Tap’s name has caused some controversy. One fan comments: "I see no reason to conclude that those two dots are an umlaut. It’s just as sensible to think of them as a diaresis. Considerably funnier, too. Trying to pronounce the ‘n’ separately from the ‘i’ and the ‘a’ yields a much weirder sound than trying to modulate its tone."

  • Svein Halvorsen, keeper of Tappus Norwegicus, posted this flash: "The Norwegian title of the film (translated back into English) is " 'Help, we’re in the pop business.' "

  • Tap makes an appearance on the Metallica video, A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Part 2, taped April 20, 1992, at the Freddie Mercury tribute at Wembley Stadium. Here's a transcript.

  • Among the anagrams created from Spinal Tap are Slap a Pint, I Lap Pants and Pain Splat.

  • The editors of Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary added rockumentary to its latest edition.

  • Another question, considering the line where Nigel says "we were much closer than brothers" and the way he hated Jeanine — is that a hint they were having a homosexual relationship? (Ed Coury)

  • Do you ever find yourself using quotes from This is Spinal Tap in real life? When I'm talking about someone I haven't seen in years, I always say, "They are currently residing in the 'where are they now' file." When you're trashing someone behind their back, "What a wanker!" comes in handy. And "Shit Sandwich" is a good generic negative review for any song, movie, TV show or music video. Others: "Kick this ass for a man!" (when apologizing), "Hello Cleveland!" (when hopelessly lost), "Have a good time all the time" (whenever anyone asks you what philosophy of life is, or when giving advice), "I believe virtually everything I read." (when you've been suckered into believing some phony story), "Yeah, I got two hands" (when someone asks if you can help with something). (Joe Blevins)

  • I’ve been browsing this newsgroup for awhile. I’ve been confused as to whether some of you understand that Spinal Tap is a joke! Did anyone catch on to the fact that David St. Hubbins is Lenny from Laverne and Shirley, Nigel Tufnel is comedian Christopher Guest, and Derek Smalls is the same man, Harry Shearer, that does the genius voices of the likes of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons? These men are talented, yes, but they are not a band, they are a comedy team. So when someone asks "are they a band?" isn’t the answer "no?" I’m sure most of you understand that, right? Most of you aren’t rockin’ out to Sex Farm Woman thinking it is the best rock song you’ve ever heard, are you? You see the intelligent humor in all of this, don’t you? (Diamond Dog)
  • What are you talking about? Get ahold of yourself, man. (Doug Morris)

  • One obvious mistake in The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock 'n Roll entry on Spinal Tap is that it has Tap as being "the loudest band in England" instead of "one of England's loudest bands." Still, it's an honor for Tap to have an official entry in a rock reference work. I can imagine the boys reading their entry...
    Derek: Have you seen this, then? We've been included in this Rock 'n Roll Encyclopedia jobber 'ere.
    David: Next step: Tap in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.
    Derek: I thought we were already in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.
    Nigel: No, we're in the Rock 'n Roll Corridor of Fame. It's like the Hall of Fame, but, uh...
    David: Different.
    Nigel: Yeah.
    David: More selective.
    Nigel: Yeah. (Joe Blevins)

  • How is it that This is Spinal Tap, a highly influential film, has escaped the attention of film snobs who make up theories about every film that comes down the pike? Is there no deeper "meaning"? Perhaps the film is an allegory about family. Spinal Tap is a surrogate family, with David and Nigel as the children and Ian as the father figure. There is evidence to support the theory that David, Nigel and all the members of Tap are children in adult bodies. Derek's "preserved moose" dialogue shows that he is aware of this childish state. Jeanine represents adulthood and responsibility. She threatens to break up the family by removing David from the picture; at least that's how Nigel sees it. David and Nigel are brothers, in a sense. Nigel says he and David are "closer than brothers" because "brothers always fight," but this comment is followed by a scene of Nigel and David fighting — childishly. They have a brother-like relationship. (Joe Blevins)
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