Spinal Tap A to Zed

900 Numbers: Before they were discontinued, the Tap 900 numbers were available to fans to keep up with the band. On each you were given a short (free) intro and then asked to choose which band member to hear before charges begin. Nigel, explaining 1-900-TEL-2-TAP to a reporter: "What you do is you call us up and talk to us and tell us what you're doing. You say, 'Hello, Spinal Tap? I've just gotten my car fixed.' It's like a confession really. Someone can call up and say, 'I had a date the other night, it wasn't going well.' And we'll say, 'That's too bad, isn't it?' or 'I've had that experience myself.' " Since you're listening to a recording, the band does not give its feedback. David, explaining 1-900-GIV-2-TAP to a reporter: "That's where you call up and we basically tell you what we're doing, if we're touring in your area, you know." The band members tended to ramble on both lines, of course, since they were clocking you at $1.49 a minute.