Spinal Tap A to Zed

We Are All Flower People (Megaphone, 1968): Sequel to Tap’s critically acclaimed 1967 debut, "Spinal Tap Sings ‘(Listen to the) Flower People’ and Other Favorites." The band’s biography noted that "sales, when they occurred, were disappointing." (IST) Rated C- by Entertainment Weekly. "If the first record was premier cru Bordeaux, its sequel was pure red ink." The album’s dismal reception prompted the dismissal of keyboardist Denny Upham and a tour as support for the red-hot Matchstick Men. In an attempt to recoup its losses, Megaphone retitled the LP "The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody" in 1969 and rereleased it without the title track. What remained was a concept album about a lad who decided that he would put on wings and fly—and then sell seats on himself to pay for the project. (IST) Includes "To Fly," "I Am Flight," and "Get Me Away From the Ground." Derek later claimed that the concept was stolen by "you know Moody who." (IST) See Matchstick Men.