Spinal Tap A to Zed

Theory of Music, Nigel Tufnel: Nigel first explained his theory to Guitar World in 1992: "People read music, and they read notes on what they call a staff. But if you can't read music, you can't play music that is written. Correct? Now, everyone knows how to count, don't they? So on a chart, instead of writing A in music terms-we're playing in the key of A-you go: 1 for A, 2 for B, 1 for A, and 3 for C. See? That's so much simpler." In a 1984 interview with Guitar Player, Nigel explained that early in his career, he "didn't understand why they put high numbers next to the chord [in sheet music], like C13. Finally, I figured out that you play it 13 times. I didn't know that before. It's like a repeat." Thirteen years later, Nigel was back talking to Guitar World about notes. "It's not the amount of notes you play, but if you're thinking about them after you played them," he said. "Can you remember what you played? If you can't, why did you play it? It becomes a thinking man's game ... and who wants to muck about with that?" (GW3) On VH1 in 2000, David opined that "rock is a tapestry," to which Nigel replied, "It's a mosaic." (LST)