Spinal Tap A to Zed

Tap Into America: Late fall 1982 tour to support "Smell the Glove," despite criticisms that Tap was "too old" and "too white." Filmed by director Marty DiBergi for his 1984 documentary, "This is Spinal Tap." Tour stopped in New York, Philadelphia, Chapel Hill (sold out at half price), Milwaukee, Chicago (the power fails during the opening song), Cleveland (lost under stage), Austin (Stonehenge debacle), Seattle (Air Force base debacle), Stockton (backed up puppet show) and Los Angeles. Dates were scheduled but canceled in Memphis, Boston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City and Des Moines. Asked by Rolling Stone reporter Jill Macey in New York if this was Tap's "farewell" tour, David reverts to existential doggerel before Derek jumps in to explain that it was not "the" farewell tour, but "a" farewell tour. See Eton-Hogg, Sir Denis; Japanese tour.