Spinal Tap A to Zed

Swiss Army: Somehow found Nigel Tufnel a suitable inductee after he began wandering the world following the 1982 tour. Nigel spent months of training in Swiss Army at a lake near Mount Blanc. (STR) "I was in Switzerland with a young girl named Monga and I was kidnapped and inducted. It took eight weeks for anyone to rescue me and all I have to show for it is this bloody knife." (PP) Nigel said in a later interview that the girl’s name was Geba and he was assigned to reveille, which he conducted with an electric guitar. (RL) Nigel: "It’s a very pleasant army. They said, ‘Here’s your knife, with all the utensils. If an enemy soldier comes, just slap him.’ " (GN) Nigel was also sent out with special ecological unit to cut the bark off trees and then repair them with bandages. (IST)