Spinal Tap A to Zed

Shrimpton, Richard (Ric) (b1948): Twin brother of Mick, younger by 20 minutes. Like his brother, was house drummer for the Eurovision Song Contest. (BB) Nigel: "He was always in Mick's shadow but, ironically, a better drummer-more chops. But he dropped out and worked in a shop where they used to sell stamps." (GW) David: "As long as he keeps from urinating on the third rail or something, he should last a long time." (IST) Nigel has noted, however, that Rik is "always nervous. He's always got some problem with the sweat glands on his upper lip." (OS) Shrimpton, who has a half-vote in the band, underwent foot surgery in June 1992 after falling down a flight of stairs while rushing to a soundcheck. (CST) Tap's lucky 13th drummer was working in Finsbury Park in "one of those shops that sells used stamps," according to David. "When Ric called and said, 'What about me as your next drummer?' we said, 'Look Ric mate, we have already broken your mother's heart once, please don't!' " Ric is insured by Lloyd's of Luton only because the firm needs the publicity. (PP) He played his first gig with the band on January 30, 1992. Tap arranged to have local drummers on call for emergencies. By 2000, when Tap reemerged briefly to promote the rerelease of This is Spinal Tap, Ric had disappeared and was presumed dead. David: "He was the nicest drummer we've ever had." (LST)