Spinal Tap A to Zed

Album CoverShark Sandwich (Polymer, 1980): With this comeback album, its first with Polymer and the first release following the death of Peter "James" Bond, Tap began to explore its heavy metal calling. The result received mixed reviews. While Entertainment Weekly rated it A+ and wrote that "you'd have to go clear back to Brueghel for an equally heady brew of hardworking Everyman earthiness and primal barnyard lust," DiBergi read the boys a two-word review during his documentary that simply said, "Shit Sandwich." The album, which was weighted by a disastrous promotion attempt that involved sending shark sandwiches to reviewers, includes the nihilistic "No Place Like Nowhere," the disco hit "Throb Detector" and, of course, the monster "Sex Farm." Derek considers it one of his favorite Tap albums. "It's close to my heart because I snuck into the mixing studio after the other lads had left and turned up my bass part." (WP) See also Openfaced Mako.