Spinal Tap A to Zed

Sequels: Angered by their portrayal in "This is Spinal Tap," the band vowed it would never do another movie that it didn’t control (in several shots that DiBergi left on the cutting room floor, both Ian and Jeanine are shown pressuring the director to give the band final say over the film. He refused). Nigel: "The minute someone steps behind a camera, watch out. You can’t see them any more. Why do they say watch the birdie? They make up an imaginary birdie because they don’t want you to look at what they’re really doing." (LT) Still, rumors continued to circulate that a sequel would be produced to bolster sales of "Break Like the Wind." The Boston Globe reported on March 15, 1991, that a DiBergi-directed sequel was due by the fall, along with an album called "Back in the Harness Again" (eventually "Break Like the Wind"). Four years earlier, on February 26, 1987, the Chicago Tribune had reported that the band was going through some 50 hours of outtakes from DiBergi’s film for a "Lost Tapes of Spinal Tap" home video. DiBergi has since said, however, that he has no desire to make another documentary about the band—ever. See also A Spinal Tap Reunion.