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Viv Savage todaySavage, Viv: Keyboardist left Aftertaste to join Tap in 1975 in time for "Bent for the Rent" tour. Replaced Ross MacLochness, who left for Namibia to do missionary work. Savage, who had only a half-vote in the band, was later reportedly killed by a natural gas explosion while visiting the Hampstead grave of drummer Mick Shrimpton. Replaced by C.J. Vanston for "Break Like the Wind" tour in 1992. Although Savage's death was initially a mystery, Derek told a reporter the explosion had been caused by swamp gas and that Savage had been a drummer until the age of 15 without Tap's knowledge. Derek: "If we'd known that, we never would have hired him." (GW) Nigel: "What evil force knew that he was a drummer? He never said; we never knew." Band members said they never suspected Savage had once played the drums because he didn't have an anorexic girlfriend, car trouble, a funny voice, a problem with tardiness, constant indebtedness or any other common drummer traits. (TP) Derek: "I have to say, now that he's passed on, that Viv was a great procurer of certain road necessities. We'll leave it at that." David: "A proper cord was a wonderful accident for Viv." (QM) David: "Poor Viv. He could never get the singing down." Derek: "Same with the talking." Nigel: "Did Viv ever know his mic wasn't on?" (DV) Savage was filmed during "This is Spinal Tap" discussing drugs such as Gold Rush Brown and Medicino Rocket Fuel and destroying planets on a tour bus video game. Asked by director DiBergi for his philosophy, the keyboardist said it all: "Have a good time, all the time!", which Tap says later ended up on him tombstone. Without rock 'n roll, "I'd probably get a bit stupid and start to make a fool of myself in public, 'cause there wouldn't be a stage to go on." In 1992 the Nose magazine claimed to have discovered Viv alive, performing with a group called the Viv Savage Experience. He said he had "no hard feelings" toward Tap. The band says the musician is simply a lookalike.

Viv Savage Lives!

Video Proof of Above

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