Spinal Tap A to Zed

RickyRicky: After Nigel leaves the band following the Seattle gig during the 1982 tour, Jeanine introduces the band to 19-year-old Ricky, "the hottest lead guitarist in San Francisco" as a replacement. David suspects that she and Ricky know each other more than just as acquaintances, but DiBergi does not dwell on this in footage that he left on the cutting room floor. At their next gig, Ricky unwisely shows he has more talent and charisma and upstages David with a Billy Squire-like rendition of "Hell Hole." He’s gone before Tap’s next gig at the Themeland Amusement Park in Stockton. The concert footage of Ricky in action, along with that showing Jeanine introducing Ricky to the band, was not included in DiBergi’s final cut of "This Is Spinal Tap" or on the laser disc or CD-ROM outtakes. It survives only in bootleg video versions.