Spinal Tap A to Zed

Out of the PodPod: In "This is Spinal Tap," Derek is shown nearly being decapitated by a malfunctioning pod during a Milwaukee performance of "Rock ’N Roll Creation." The sequence caused some anger by the band towards director DiBergi, who they dubbed "The Butcher" for what they saw as selective editing. Derek: "Seventy or 80 percent of the time—well, 65 percent at least—I got out of that pod straight away. He doesn’t show that. It’s like if I had a camera and followed Marty DiBergi around, and one day he’s about to go to the loo and he can’t get his zipper open, and he’s just tugging and tugging and tugging at his zip and getting this very painful look on his face and turning all red and getting anxious and starting to whine a bit. Now, I’ve filmed all these other times when he gets his zip open, you know? But I don’t use those, and what does Marty DiBergi become when the film goes out? He becomes the geezer who can’t get his zipper open." The band took a "zero defect approach" to the 1992 tour in support of "Break Like the Wind," according to Martha Quinn, who hosted NBC’s "A Spinal Tap Reunion." (CT) During the tour, Tap emerged from giant eggs rather than pods. When Derek’s opened, a man in a chicken costume would appear, dance around, and then exit the stage. Derek then entered stage left to take over. On 6 August 1997, during its Popmart tour stop in in Oslo, U2 became trapped inside a 40-foot fiberglass shell covered in inch-thick reflective tiles that was supposed to open and reveal the band. See also Jap Habit.

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