Spinal Tap A to Zed

Penis: The boys, like most of their female fans, are in awe of their man things. Nigel: "[Female fans] are really quite fearful, that’s my theory. They see us on stage with tight trousers and we’ve got, you know, armadillos in our trousers. I mean, it’s really quite frightening, the size. They run screaming." Other words they have used affectionately, in public, to describe their appendages include wanger, love gun, ding-dong, Roger the Dodger, pink torpedo, pitchfork, silo, Old Sweet William, little gent with the fire hat, Pink Oboe and One-Eyed Willie. David, on MuchMusic: "We did our bit, and we had our bits done occasionally." In a 1980 interview, Nigel revealed he tucked his penis to the left. "That’s pretty much crowded in there, you can’t really get much in that side pocket." (MH3) See also Erection, Dolphin.