Spinal Tap A to Zed

Morty the MimeMorty the Mime: Shown in DiBergi’s documentary catering a party hosted by Polymer to launch the 1982 U.S. tour. "Mime is money." As he explains in a scene DiBergi cut from his documentary, Morty’s company was called Shut Up and Eat, named after the phrase his father used to keep the kids in line at the dinner table. A former actor who could never remember his lines, Morty also explains that "the dead bird is very big" with clients, who tend to eat the horrible food he serves "because of guilt" when the mime servers mimic walking through storms to get across the room. During another cut scene, Morty testily refuses to pass along a message to Ian from limo driver Tommy Pishedda, who remarks in disgust, "I’m talking to fucking puppets."