Spinal Tap A to Zed

Mercury, Freddie: Tap was asked to play at a tribute at Wembly Stadium near London on 20 April 1992 for the late Queen frontman. However, a revised plan called for them to cut their set short by 25 songs, to one. Derek: "We believe Freddie would have wanted it this way." In a 1992 interview, David acknowledged Tap’s influence on Mercury. "I started wearing one-piece jumpers, and then Freddie moved right in. He was easily influenced." Taphead Tim Forcer, whose eldest son attended the concert, offers this report: "Spinal Tap came on after Bob Geldof (fairly early on, after Def Leppard, before Guns 'n Roses). A red carpet was laid out for their regal entrance in robes and crowns. The one song played was Majesty of Rock. Not only was the rest of their homage cut completely by the organizers, their performance was cut completely from the video of the concert. Tap's 'dressing room' at the Mercury concert (what a joke!—just an area marked off by poles and curtaining) was right next to Metallica's (watch carefully at "A year and a half ..." as the camera pans along the line of dressing rooms and you'll see the label "Spinal Tap"). The cameo appearance consisted of Tap pushing aside one of the curtains and forcing their way into Metallica's area."