Spinal Tap A to Zed

Early Tap(Listen to the) Flower People: Tap's first hit. Band biographer Peter Occhiogrosso would later write that the song "captures the soon-to-be-satanic band in a state of innocence, imparting its belief not only that flower people indeed exist, but that we should listen to them." (EW) During footage of a late 1967 press conference that DiBergi dug up but did not include in "This is Spinal Tap," David defines "flower power" as "everything. It's a feeling within. If power is compared to light, we are the shadow rather than the power of light." (DV) Originally released as a single in July 1967, "(Listen to the) Flower People" was written by then-bass player Ronnie Pudding. Rereleased on soundtrack album. In a 1984 interview, Nigel would recall that Tap had recorded the song because "we tried to jump on the bandwagon. There was such an enormous sort of public clamoring for that sort of garbage, we thought we might as well reap some of the benefits. So we dished that one out, and it really did well for us." (GP) Flower People is one of the few songs that Tap has never "updated." (NPR) See also the Beatles; Childs, Eric "Stumpy Joe"; Jamboreebop; Pudding, Ronnie; Spinal Tap Sings "(Listen to the) Flower People" and Other Favorites; We Love You; Williams, Robin.

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