Spinal Tap A to Zed

Lambsblood: Christian heavy metal band whose members included Derek after 1988 and Moke, Tap's former chief roadie. Derek: "I said, 'I'm not really what you'd call a practicing Christian, or any other kind.' They said, 'That's all right. Just play bass.' " (NYT) Lambsblood made its name with mass baptisms in the slam pit. Its sole hit was the Zeppelin-influenced "Whole Lotta Lord." Derek also contributed the seven-minute "SinBad Suite." (IST) Derek: "It was the loudest of all Christian bands. I got a Christian fish tattoo just to say 'I'm with you now.' " After two years of touring in which the band "played all the big tents," Lambsblood's disastrous performance at the Monsters of Jesus festival in Orange County, California, triggered their personal apocalypse. Meanwhile, a resurrected Derek ran into David at the event and decided to "throw in my lot with Evil again." (IST) For starters, he added a tattoo of a devil's head eating his fish tattoo. He says now that playing for a Christian band as an avowed Satanist was not that difficult. "If you go through a Spinal Tap record, and just change all the references to death to life, let's say; and all the references to Satan to God, you'd really have a pretty damn good Christian rock record. The Christian fans tend to be a bit more polite, until they get a few distilled waters in them, then they get rowdy with the best. And Christian women have a lot going for them. They are clean, y'know." (SH) Trivia fans: Nigel's favorite Lambsblood tune was the up-tempo "Job: What a Bloke." (QM) See also Satanism.