Spinal Tap A to Zed

Jap Habit (Megaphone, 1975): This live triple album, recorded during a tour of the Far East, hung on to the 112 slot for 82 of its 84 weeks on the Billboard charts. (EW) Nigel: "You can’t buy that kind of consistency." Album includes the single "Nice ’N Stinky," which two years later would become a surprise hit in the United States. British release included two pounds of packaging such as a paper kimono and pieces of raw fish. (The packaging was dropped for the American release, and the album was cut back to two LPs.) Includes "Devil Take the Hindmost" (with keyboards by Ross MacLochness) and the instrumental "Nocturnal Mission." Rated B+ in the official band biography. During the "Jap Habit" tour of the States, Derek was suspended in mid-air during the performance because of a faulty trapeze rig. He was rescued two hours after the show had ended. (MH2) See also Live at Budokkan; Pod.