Spinal Tap A to Zed

It’s a Smalls World (unreleased): Abandoned solo project that Derek began while Tap was on hiatus following the 1975 Megaphone lawsuit. Exists only as an eight-track "super demo." (IST) Derek: "I tried to do just rhythm and harmony and no melody at all. Because I felt at the time that was the way to go, and I was wrong. It was just big-beat drone music. I almost cut my hair during that period." (MH2) During outtakes of "This is Spinal Tap," Derek is shown explaining to DiBergi that he saw the bass as a symbol of our common humanity. "We are all people. Bass represents us." Among Derek’s other solo projects was the score for a friend’s film about para-sailing. "I scored it on bass. It was all improvisational. I watched the film for a bit and then closed my eyes and just kept on improvising." (BPI) In 2018, Derek finally released his first solo album, Smalls Change. See also It’s a Dub World.