Spinal Tap A to Zed

Inventing Shed: Nigel's home away from home after Tap's 1982 tour. From this wooden structure located at Brinsby, his farm in Kent, England, came such inventions as the folding wine glass. "It has four sides with hinges, and the sides fold down so you can put it in your pocket and go on a picnic, you see. The drawback at this point in the process is that it leaks. So you get about half a sip and the rest ends up on your trousers." (CT) Nigel told an interviewer in 1992 that he was waiting for the Chinese rubber hinges to arrive to remedy that setback. And David and Derek updated the situation in 2001, telling Entertainment Weekly that the glass had been selling well in Iran. (EW1)Also the tone cosy, "a little knitted hat" that goes over the tone switch to keep it warm. "There's many times you reach down and the guitars have stainless steel knobs and they're really cold." (OS) Also the amp capo, which fits over the speaker cabinet and allows musician to change the music's pitch, much like a guitar capo. (IST) Also the neckless guitar. (HR) Because of his many inventions, Pulse magazine once dubbed Nigel "Tap's resident Leonardo."