Spinal Tap A to Zed

Goat Boy: Unreleased single performed for IBM campaign in 1996. The song's lyrics include: "Your mother was a sheperdess/A lowly queen of loneliness/And look at you, you're such a mess/They creamed the corn/ When you were born/Goat boyyyyyyy!" According to Tap's manager, the commercials ended Tap's "forced hiatus." The band originally balked at doing the ads, but then chose the endorsement deal over another offer from the Depends diaper company. Derek says the song was inspired by "a legend of a boy who was half-goat. It's a Greek legend. It's a satyr, or something like that. Nigel came in, I think, and said, 'What would it be like to be half-goat and half-boy? Why don't we think about that instead of practicing?' You get up in the morning and get milked. Then you look at the headboard and you've bashed it about a bit because of your horns, so it's a rough life." (ME) See International Business Machines.