Spinal Tap A to Zed

Gimme Some Money: Hit Merseybeat tune by pre-Tap Thamesmen, released on the Abbey label in late spring 1965 b/w "Cups and Cakes." Band toured Benelux nations on strength of the single. The song, which was rereleased on the 1984 soundtrack album, later made its way into the world of Muzak and feature films, including an appearance in the background of one scene in the otherwise forgettable "Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter's Dead." In a clip that DiBergi incorporated into "This is Spinal Tap," the boys are shown performing the song in 1965 on the British program "Pop, Look & Listen" and use it for a sound check in Milwaukee during their 1982 tour. See Code; Ronnie Pudding

"Stop wasting my time..."