Spinal Tap A to Zed

DiBogi, Marty "The Butcher": "Gangland" name of director. Derek: "He changed it to get work." (ME) Derek: "He's got treadmarks on his face from the karmic wheel." (CT) David: "He got so envious because we were getting all the action on the road and he was getting none. He thought, I will make them look like fools." (DS) [DiBergi would later admit that he wished he had gotten laid. "I wasn't like I was thinking I would have sex all the time. But a little residual or something or other would occur. But it didn't. But I didn't wind up with any diseases. I can't say as much for some of the band members." (DI)] The band also says DiBergi has aspirations of being "the sixth Tap" and once asked if he could join them onstage with his saxophone. David recalled, however, that DiBergi's playing "sounded like someone tuning a bobcat." (DV) Asked years later if he thought there would ever be a reconciliation between the band and director, Derek replied: "Would a person who was hit by a chainsaw in one of those movies make a reconciliation with the guy with the mask?" (ME) Nigel said the band had softened somewhat about the movie, however. "We're not broiling as much as simmering." (DS) He added, "The movie should have been titled 'Where's the Dirt?' " David: "That's a good title." Nigel: "Because he found it. But the question is, do you show it?" Derek: "It's like a bad, multi-person homosexual marriage. That's all it's about." (VH1) Nigel: "It's like those nature shows where they set a trap for a tiger or a mongoose. He was setting a trap." (DV) In their commentary on the Special Edition DVD, the band members claim that DiBergi often used hidden cameras or told them "We're not rolling." See DiBergi, Martin.