Spinal Tap A to Zed

Computers: A recent posting by Nigel on the official Tap Web page: "Hello Tap fans, My new girlfriend Bjork (not the singer) is typing this for me. Things are quite good now here in England...although David and I have been having a bit of a row. He thinks the government is spying on him through his computer screen. I say he’s paranoid." Explaining why Nigel did not participate in an America Online chat, however, David would say, "Nigel is a bit of a Luddite; he doesn’t trust computers." Whatever the truth may be, Derek seems to have embraced the technology. "For the first time, we can communicate directly with Tapheads without needing to be filtered by journos, or record companies, or deejays!" he wrote on the Tap Web page. See also International Business Machines.