Spinal Tap A to Zed

Cher: Tattooed singer and actress who made a cameo on Tap’s 1992 album, "Break Like the Wind." Her image was also projected on a screen during the 1992 tour (with moving lips) whenever the band sang the ballad "Just Begin Again." Connected with Nigel in the tabloids. Nigel: "The truth is that I did make a feeble play for her. It just didn’t work out. I said, ‘Let’s have lunch,’ and she said, ‘Oh, everyone does that.’ So I took her to this pet shop specializing in non-exotic birds. It was called Macaw Blimey. I like to be direct and I said, ‘If what you are involved with right now is not as you would have wished, then please ring me up.’ It was very English...although my trousers were around my ankles at the time." (QM) See A Spinal Tap Reunion; Just Begin Again.