Spinal Tap A to Zed

Butt Casts: There were reports that during the Memphis or Chicago stops of the 1982 U.S. tour two groupies attempted to make white plaster casts of Derek's and Viv's butts for posterity's sake. The casts were removed too soon, however, and did not set. Derek later recalled: "This was footage that was almost in Mr. DiBergi's "movie," but he somehow decided to leave it out. There was a gaggle of groupies in some American city, perhaps Chicago, who were ass-casters, or as we would call them, bum-casters. They liked to cast rockers' hind ends in some kind of plaster. I don't know, maybe they liked my ass best (or maybe David and Nige had already fled the arena), but I spent a long post-concert evening sprawled on my stomach with my butt-cheeks encased in very cold plaster. I would imagine those plaster cheeks would fetch a right pretty penny on eBay now." (PB)