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Bitch School: Single from band’s 1992 album, "Break Like the Wind" that critics have noted sounds remarkably like "Hell Hole," the band’s hit from 10 years earlier. Tap took some lumps from feminists for the song because of its apparently misogynist lyrics. The boys were quick to defend themselves. Nigel: "It’s a song about dogs and our love for dogs and the disciplining of those little creatures—‘You’re fetching when you’re down on all fours.’ Well, dogs walk on all fours and they fetch, obviously. End of discussion. It’s not my fault society has changed and we’re the victims." (BG) David: "We had another verse where we mentioned kibble. If we’d left that in, there’d be no confusion." (GW) David insists the entire "Break Like the Wind" album was actually a celebration of womanhood: "I’ve finally faced and embraced the female within myself. I’d never met her before but I gave her a big squeeze." (LT) As if to supply ammo to critics, Tap’s music video for the single was set in an all-girl’s school and didn’t include a single dog. (The video was banned by one Australian video channel, VM, because its programmer, former Polymer promotions man Artie Fufkin, considered it sexist. In the United States, MTV would only run an edited version.) Despite the fact that there was never any affection between the two bands, "Bitch School" drew comparisons to Beatles classics such as "Martha My Dear" and "Norwegian Wood." These comparisons were made by David and Derek, however. (BB) See also The Beatles.

Tap On "Bitch School" Misunderstanding

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