Spinal Tap A to Zed

Band Names: Before settling on Spinal Tap, the boys changed the band’s name often. The most resilient turned out to be the Originals, the New Originals and the Thamesmen. During the 18 months after a 1965 tour of the Benelux countries as the Dutchmen, what would be Tap was known as the Rave Breakers, Hellcats, Flamin’ Daemons, Shiners, Mondos, the Doppel Gang, the Peoples, Loose Lips, Waffles, Hot Waffles, Love Bisquits, Bisquits, Silver Service, the Mud Below and the Tufnel-St. Hubbins Group. (IST) Tap also used the names Anthem and the Cadburys in 1976 during a dispute with its recording label, Megaphone.