Spinal Tap A to Zed

Astrology: David's girlfriend (and later wife), Jeanine Pettibone, attempted to use the star signs of the cities and venues that the band was scheduled to visit, as well as their own, to chart their course during the last legs of the 1982 tour. (The band's sign is Virgo.) At one point, in a Cleveland restaurant, she presented sketches of KISS-like makeup the boys could wear to fight the drabs. Viv was revealed to be a Libra, Nigel a Capricorn, David a Leo, Mick a Harlequin ("we didn't know your sign") and Derek some kind of hideous spider creature (Cancer). After Derek suggested that the band instead return to the Stonehenge stage show, Nigel drew a plan on a napkin and the Zodiac theme was abandoned. Years later, Jeanine remained convinced that the timing for the tour had been wrong. "You don't get an audience if you don't have the stars and planets in alignment." (VH1) See also Black Magic.