Spinal Tap A to Zed

All the Way Home: Recorded on 14 December 1961 at a small studio on Squatney Road in East London. David and Nigel were friends at the time but David was with the Creatures and Nigel with the Lovely Lads. "I’m standing out beside the railroad track/And I’m waiting for that train to bring you back/If she’s not on the 5:19/Then I’m gonna know what sorrow means/And I’m gonna cry cry cry all the way home." Remixed from mono into fake stereo and released in 1992 on "Break Like the Wind" after Nigel found the original demo tape in a box in his storage loft. David: "One box he thought contained women’s underclothes, which he used to collect as souvenirs. He opened it up, expecting the memories to come flooding out, and he saw this tape." (NYT) Nigel: "It was an amazing discovery, sort of like King Tut." (NY) Nigel, on the demo tape’s history: "We had an acetate we shopped around, but we didn’t actually have appointments. We’d just show up and they’d say, ‘Bugger off.’ Or we’d play it for them and they’d read the mail or order breakfast. We didn’t really make a big dent in the industry, but looking back at it, for all the youthful sass, it’s quite a mature work." (GW) See also Squatney District.