Spinal Tap A to Zed

Albums: Tap has released 17 albums since it formed in December 1966: Spinal Tap Sings "(Listen to the) Flower People" and Other Favorites (1967), We Are All Flower People (1968), Silent But Deadly (1969), Brainhammer (1970), Nerve Damage (1971), Blood to Let (1972), Intravenus de Milo (1974), The Sun Never Sweats (1975), Jap Habit (1975), Bent for the Rent (1976), Tap Dancing (1976), Rock 'N Roll Creation (1977), Shark Sandwich (1980), Smell The Glove (1982), Heavy Metal Memories (1983), Spinal Tap: The Original Soundtrack Recording from the Motion Picture "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984) and Break Like the Wind (1992). It should be noted that all of Tap's albums were critically acknowledged, but few of them are available as backlist titles. Derek: "Those albums were never rereleased on CD, and a lot of those stores are a bit totty-nosed about that. David: "There's too much raw energy to be captured on the cold surface of a CD." Smalls: "These weren't digital sounds, they were big, fat analog sounds, and the digital machines try to interpret them and they go, 'Wait a minute, that's a one and it's a zero,' and the whole thing breaks down." David: "The machines are too stupid to process our music. We've done a marvelous thing with the Special Edition DVD to improve the sound of the music. We used the Louderator, which made it louder, and the Boomerator, which gave it more bottom." (EW1. See also Bootlegs; Unreleased Albums; individual album titles.