Spinal Tap A to Zed

Tap on the SimpsonsSimpsons, The: David, Derek and Nigel were immortalized in an episode of this popular television program entitled "The Otto Show" that first aired on April 24, 1992. Two later Simpson episodes would include sly references to the band, one of which showed a Tap poster hanging in the room of Bart’s friend Milhouse ("Bart’s Friend Falls in Love") and another that offered a brief glimpse of the band at the Grammy awards ("Homer’s Barbershop Quartet"). During "The Otto Show," Bart wears a "Spinal Tap World Tour" T-shirt before he leaves to attend the band’s Springfield concert, which is sponsored by Duff Beer and Laramie Cigarettes. After Marge expresses concern, "I hope the Spinal Taps don’t play too loud," Homer reassures her: "I went to thousands of heavy-metal concerts, and it never hurt me.’’ Marge’s response is drowned out by the ringing in Homer’s ears. Outside the show, vendors are hawking deeply discounted dated T-shirts that depict Tap kicking dictator Mohammar Qadaffi in the butt. Inside, meanwhile, Bill and Marty of KBBL interview Tap: "Here you are, among the top 105 concert acts today. What’s your secret, guys?" "We’re very big in Bulgaria. And what-his-name, the other -garia." During the performance, the spotlights stray, there’s audio feedback and water on the stage, a laser strikes a band member in the eye, and a giant devil hovering overhead deflates. Undaunted, the band says, "We salute you, our half-inflated Dark Lord!" After 20 minutes, the band exits and a riot ensues. Later, a schoolbus accidentally runs Tap’s tour bus into a ditch as the band leaves town, causing it to overturn and burn. Asked later to explain why the celluloid versions of Tap had to meet their demise, David tells a reporter, "Death is a cartoon tradition." (LAT)

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