Spinal Tap A to Zed

Sex Farm (alternately "Sex Farm Woman"): Single off 1980 album "Shark Sandwich" which has been credited with bringing together construction worker Larry Fortensky and actress Elizabeth Taylor while both were in rehab. In "This is Spinal Tap," the band is shown performing the song at an Air Force base in Seattle. Its success in Japan, where it hit Number 5 in 1982, prompted Tap’s ill-fated attempt to tour that nation. Derek defended the song, which many critics have called simplistic and an affront to farmers, to DiBergi during filming. Derek: "We’ve taken a sophisticated view of sex...." DiBergi: "And put it on a farm?" Derek: "Yeah." During 1992 performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Tap performed a rap version. The song’s working title was "Bone Farm." See also Hookstratten, Lt. Robert; Openfaced Mako; Tormé, Mel.