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Author's Preface
Spinal Tap: The (Somewhat) Definitive Bio
Spinal Tap Redivivus
Tapping an American Vein: A Band for Our (Hard) Times
They Remember Spinal Tap: Jeanine Pettibone-St. Hubbins, Mike Pym
They Died Before They Got Old: A Concise Guide to Spinal Tap's Drummers
Tap Alive: Spinal Tap on "Saturday Night Live"
"Christmas With the Devil"
Afterthought: Tufnel on Tap on SNL
A Note of Warning
Spinal Tap Meets the Press
Tap on Wheels
16 pages of color photographs
The World of Spinal Tap
Girls Who Got to Meet the Boys
My Beautiful Experience with Spinal Tap
ABCs of Spinal Tap
Personnel Files: Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls
The Beat Goes On
Spinal Rap: David and Derek Come Clean
Guitar Stars: David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel
Their Top Ten: St. Hubbins, Smalls, Tufnel
Wise Up!
16 more pages of color photographs
Star Flap: David St. Hubbins
A Day to Forget: Nigel Tufnel
Roots: Derek Smalls
The Aesthetics of Spinal Tap: A Critical Essay
Joe on Tap
The Joe Franklin Show: Tap on Joe
Final Tap: Live in Seattle—A Concert Memoir
Looking Back: David and Nigel Remember Seattle
Toward a Critical Tapography

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