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David: Wait a minute, you're not Metallica?
Derek: I'm not dressed yet...
David: What've you done with our heroes?... Never mind, we're not that interested any more.
David: We've got a bone to pick with these, uh, you know. It's called...
Derek: Black Album.
David: It's called Black Album. Now, where did the idea come from to do an all-black album, Metallica representatives?
Nigel: To me it's sort of an underhanded left-wing tribute.
Derek: It's an homage...
David: Yeah.
Derek: Dressed up as a...
Nigel: Woman.
Derek: Yeah. An attractive woman.
Kirk Hammett: It was meant as a homage.
David: If it had been a bad album, then we'd be right ticked off.
Derek: They would have thought it was us...
David: But it's a decent album, didn't sell badly, so we figured... yeah, yeah we took it as a tribute. [To Nigel] No, it's got a gray snake, and it's got the name of the band on it too, I mean you can't miss seeing it. If we'd done that we might have sold more copies.
Nigel: We can't change...we're not them...
Derek: ...with a big snake...
David: ...and the name Metallica might have helped, yeah, yeah. If we could put the name Metallica on our albums, we'd have no problem.
Derek: By the way, sorry for mispronouncing you on the MTV Awards, but I was just so flustered...
Nigel: English is not his mother tongue.
David: Let's not talk about his mother's tongue...
Nigel: Oh, God, got to go to the loo again. It makes me think: E-minor—B—
Derek: C
Nigel: C...C-7

from A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Part 2, taped April 20, 1992,
at the Freddie Mercury tribute at Wembley Stadium, London.

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